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b2ParticleHandle Class Reference

#include <b2Particle.h>

Inherits b2TypedIntrusiveListNode< b2ParticleHandle >.

Public Member Functions

 b2ParticleHandle ()
 Initialize the index associated with the handle to an invalid index.
 ~b2ParticleHandle ()
 Empty destructor.
int32 GetIndex () const
 Get the index of the particle associated with this handle.
- Public Member Functions inherited from b2TypedIntrusiveListNode< b2ParticleHandle >
void InsertAfter (b2ParticleHandle *const obj)
 Insert this object after the specified object.
void InsertBefore (b2ParticleHandle *const obj)
 Insert this object before the specified object.
b2ParticleHandleGetNext () const
b2ParticleHandleGetPrevious () const
b2ParticleHandleGetTerminator () const
b2ParticleHandleRemove ()
 Remove this object from the list it's currently in.
bool InList () const
 Determine whether this object is in a list.
bool IsEmpty () const
uint32 GetLength () const
 Calculate the length of the list.


class b2ParticleSystem

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from b2TypedIntrusiveListNode< b2ParticleHandle >
static b2ParticleHandleGetInstanceFromListNode (b2IntrusiveListNode *const node)
 Get a pointer to the instance of T that contains "node".

Detailed Description

Handle to a particle. Particle indices are ephemeral: the same index might refer to a different particle, from frame-to-frame. If you need to keep a reference to a particular particle across frames, you should acquire a b2ParticleHandle. Use b2ParticleSystem::GetParticleHandleFromIndex() to retrieve the b2ParticleHandle of a particle from the particle system.

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