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b2DistanceProxy Struct Reference

#include <b2Distance.h>

Public Member Functions

void Set (const b2Shape *shape, int32 index)
int32 GetSupport (const b2Vec2 &d) const
 Get the supporting vertex index in the given direction.
const b2Vec2GetSupportVertex (const b2Vec2 &d) const
 Get the supporting vertex in the given direction.
int32 GetVertexCount () const
 Get the vertex count.
const b2Vec2GetVertex (int32 index) const
 Get a vertex by index. Used by b2Distance.

Public Attributes

b2Vec2 m_buffer [2]
const b2Vec2m_vertices
int32 m_count
float32 m_radius

Detailed Description

A distance proxy is used by the GJK algorithm. It encapsulates any shape.

Member Function Documentation

void b2DistanceProxy::Set ( const b2Shape shape,
int32  index 

Initialize the proxy using the given shape. The shape must remain in scope while the proxy is in use.

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