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b2ParticleGroupDef Struct Reference

#include <b2ParticleGroup.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 flags
 The particle-behavior flags (See b2ParticleFlag).
uint32 groupFlags
 The group-construction flags (See b2ParticleGroupFlag).
b2Vec2 position
float32 angle
b2Vec2 linearVelocity
 The linear velocity of the group's origin in world co-ordinates.
float32 angularVelocity
 The angular velocity of the group.
b2ParticleColor color
 The color of all particles in the group.
float32 strength
const b2Shapeshape
 The shape where particles will be added.
const b2Shape *const * shapes
 A array of shapes where particles will be added.
int32 shapeCount
 The number of shapes.
float32 stride
int32 particleCount
 The number of particles in addition to ones added in the shape.
const b2Vec2positionData
 The initial positions of the particleCount particles.
float32 lifetime
void * userData
 Use this to store application-specific group data.
 An existing particle group to which the particles will be added.

Detailed Description

A particle group definition holds all the data needed to construct a particle group. You can safely re-use these definitions.

Member Data Documentation

float32 b2ParticleGroupDef::angle

The world angle of the group in radians. Rotates the shape by an angle equal to the value of angle.

float32 b2ParticleGroupDef::lifetime

Lifetime of the particle group in seconds. A value <= 0.0f indicates a particle group with infinite lifetime.

b2Vec2 b2ParticleGroupDef::position

The world position of the group. Moves the group's shape a distance equal to the value of position.

float32 b2ParticleGroupDef::strength

The strength of cohesion among the particles in a group with flag b2_elasticParticle or b2_springParticle.

float32 b2ParticleGroupDef::stride

The interval of particles in the shape. If it is 0, b2_particleStride * particleDiameter is used instead.

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