@blockly/continuous-toolbox Built on Blockly

A Blockly plugin that creates a continuous-scrolling style toolbox/flyout that is always open. All of the blocks from all categories are in the flyout together, and the user can either click a category name in the toolbox or scroll to the category they're looking for. This flyout only works as a vertical flyout and it works in both left-to-right and right-to-left modes. Parts of the toolbox style have been changed already, but you can customize the style further by following the toolbox documentation.

Screenshot of continuous toolbox showing multiple categories of blocks in the flyout at once The continuous toolbox is shown here with the 'Zelos' theme, and the style can be further customized.



yarn add @blockly/continuous-toolbox


npm install @blockly/continuous-toolbox --save


Include the toolbox, flyout, and metrics manager classes from the plugin in the options struct used when injecting Blockly. This style of flyout works best with a toolbox definition that does not use collapsible categories.

Note that this plugin uses APIs introduced in the 3.20200924.3 release of Blockly, so you will need to use at least this version or higher.

import * as Blockly from 'blockly';
import {ContinuousToolbox, ContinuousFlyout, ContinuousMetrics} from '@blockly/continuous-toolbox';

// Inject Blockly.
const workspace = Blockly.inject('blocklyDiv', {
  plugins: {
      'toolbox': ContinuousToolbox,
      'flyoutsVerticalToolbox': ContinuousFlyout,
      'metricsManager': ContinuousMetrics,
  toolbox: toolboxCategories,
  // ... your other options here ...


Apache 2.0