Already integrated

Year Name Links Description Integration Status
2020 afl++ AFL++: Combining incremental steps of fuzzing research.
2020 WEIZZ Automatic Grey-box Fuzzing for Structured Binary Formats.
2020 Entropic Boosts libFuzzer performance by changing how weights are assigned to seeds.
2020 Ankou Guiding Grey-box Fuzzing towards Combinatorial Difference.
2019 AFL++ afl++ is afl with community patches.
2019 MOpt-AFL AFL with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO).
2019 AFLSmart AFLSmart is a smart input-structure aware greybox fuzzer.
2019 Eclipser Grey-box Concolic Testing on Binary Code.
2018 FairFuzz A targeted mutation strategy for increasing greybox fuzz testing coverage.
2016 AFLFast Coverage-based Greybox Fuzzing as Markov Chain.
2016 laf-intel LLVM instrumentation passes that help fuzzers.
2015 HonggFuzz A security oriented, feedback-driven, evolutionary, easy-to-use fuzzer.
2014 libFuzzer libFuzzer is in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine.
2014 AFL The mother of coverage guided fuzzers.

Experimental integrations

Year Name Links Description Integration Status
2020 Fastcgs AFL modifications.

Would love to have

Year Name Links Description Integration Status
2020 Kirenenko Super Fast Source Code Taint Tracing base Symbolic Execution Engine.
2019 Manul Coverage-guided parallel fuzzer for open-source and blackbox binaries.
2018 Angora Angora is a mutation-based fuzzer.
2017 Vuzzer Application-aware Evolutionary Fuzzing.
2016 Driller Combines AFL and angr.
2008 KLEE KLEE is a symbolic virtual machine.