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oboe::AudioStreamCallback Class Reference

#include <AudioStreamCallback.h>

Inheritance diagram for oboe::AudioStreamCallback:
oboe::AudioStreamDataCallback oboe::AudioStreamErrorCallback oboe::StabilizedCallback

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from oboe::AudioStreamDataCallback
virtual DataCallbackResult onAudioReady (AudioStream *audioStream, void *audioData, int32_t numFrames)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from oboe::AudioStreamErrorCallback
virtual bool onError (AudioStream *, Result)
virtual void onErrorBeforeClose (AudioStream *, Result)
virtual void onErrorAfterClose (AudioStream *, Result)

Detailed Description

AudioStreamCallback defines a callback interface for:

1) moving data to/from an audio stream using onAudioReady 2) being alerted when a stream has an error using onError* methods

It is used with AudioStreamBuilder::setCallback().

It combines the interfaces defined by AudioStreamDataCallback and AudioStreamErrorCallback. This was the original callback object. We now recommend using the individual interfaces and using setDataCallback() and setErrorCallback().

Use AudioStreamDataCallback and AudioStreamErrorCallback instead

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