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Integration rewards

We encourage you to apply for integration rewards (up to $20,000) once your project is successfully integrated with OSS-Fuzz. Please see the details in our blog post here.

Rewards are based on the quality of integration with OSS-Fuzz, which is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Upstream integration of the fuzz targets and build support.
  • Performance of the fuzz targets and code coverage achieved with fuzzing.
  • Regression testing in the upstream repository using fuzz targets and OSS-Fuzz corpora. Enabling CIFuzz is the easiest way to address this.
  • Discretion bonus to recognize outstanding work.

For each of the points above, the OSS-Fuzz rewards panel first sets up a cap of up to $5,000. Then, the panel decides the actual reward amount (ranging from $0 up to the cap) for each criteria, depending on how well the criteria is satisfied.

The highest cap values ($5,000) are awarded only to projects of a critical importance for the global infrastructure and/or widely used products, devices, or services.