sqlcommenter is a suite of plugins/middleware/wrappers to augment SQL statements from ORMs/Querybuilders with comments that can be used later to correlate user code with SQL statements.


sqlcommenter-nodejs provides support for the following:

Installing it

sqlcommenter-nodejs can installed in a couple of ways:

From source

The first step is to clone the repository. This can be done with git by running:

git clone
Inspect the source code and note the path to the package you want installed.

└── packages
    ├── knex
    │   ├── index.js
    │   ├── package.json
    │   ├── test
    │   └── ...
    └── sequelize
        ├── index.js
        ├── package.json
        ├── test
        └── ...

Each folder in the packages directory can be installed by running

npm install <path/to/package>

for example to install @google-cloud/sqlcommenter-knex in a given location, run npm install /path/to/sqlcommenter-nodejs/packages/knex. Same for every package(folder) in the packages directory.

# install 
> npm install /path/to/sqlcommenter-nodejs/packages/knex

+ @google-cloud/sqlcommenter-knex@0.0.1

Verify Installation

If package is properly installed, running npm list <package-name> will output details of the package. Let’s verify the installation of @google-cloud/sqlcommenter-knex below:

# verify
> npm list @google-cloud/sqlcommenter-knex

project@0.0.0 path/to/project
└── @google-cloud/sqlcommenter-knex@0.0.1  -> /path/to/sqlcommenter-nodejs/packages/knex

Inspecting the package.json file after installation should also show the installed pacakge.