avif Driver

The avif driver specifies a TensorStore backed by an avif image file. The read volume is indexed by “height” (y), “width” (x), “channel”.

The avif driver supports between 1 and 4 channel AVIF images. While AVIF images are encoded in YUV planes with varying bit representations, the avif driver converts them, regardless of their encoded depth, to an 8-bit Grey/GreyA/RGB/RGBA equivalent image.

json driver/avif : object
  • TensorStore — Specifies a TensorStore to open/create.

Required members:
driver : "avif"
kvstore : KvStore

Specifies the underlying storage mechanism.

Optional members:
context : Context

Specifies context resources that augment/override the parent context.

dtype : "uint8"

Optional. If specified, must be "uint8".

rank : integer[0, 32]

Specifies the rank of the TensorStore.

If transform is also specified, the input rank must match. Otherwise, the rank constraint applies to the driver directly.

transform : IndexTransform

Specifies a transform.

schema : Schema

Specifies constraints on the schema.

When opening an existing array, specifies constraints on the existing schema; opening will fail if the constraints do not match. Any soft constraints specified in the chunk_layout are ignored. When creating a new array, a suitable schema will be selected automatically based on the specified schema constraints in combination with any driver-specific constraints.

cache_pool : ContextResource = "cache_pool"

Specifies or references a previously defined Context.cache_pool. It is normally more convenient to specify a default cache_pool in the context.

data_copy_concurrency : ContextResource = "data_copy_concurrency"

Specifies or references a previously defined Context.data_copy_concurrency. It is normally more convenient to specify a default data_copy_concurrency in the context.

quantizer : number = "0"

Unused. AVIF quantization. Lower values are higher quality.

speed : number = "6"

Unused. AVIF speed setting.


{"driver": "avif", "kvstore": "gs://my-bucket/path-to-image.avif"}