Key-Value Storage Layer

Most TensorStore drivers access the underlying storage for array data through a key-value store layer that supports a variety of underlying storage systems, such as the local filesystem and cloud storage systems, through different drivers.


json KvStore : object

Key-value store specification.

This describes the common properties supported by all key-value stores. Refer to the driver documentation for the supported driver identifiers and driver-specific properties.

Required members:
driver : string

Key-value store driver identifier

Optional members:
path : string

Key prefix within the key-value store.

If the prefix is intended to correspond to a Unix-style directory path, it should end with "/".

context : Context

Specifies context resources that augment/override the parent context.

json KvStoreUrl : string

URL representation of a key-value store.

In addition to the JSON object representation, a key-value store may be specified more concisely by a URL.


The URL representation of a key-value store specification may exclude certain parameters, such as concurrency limits.