memory Key-Value Store driver

The memory driver stores key-value pairs in a transient, in-memory table. It is useful for manipulating data in memory and for testing. It includes full support for multi-key transactions.

json kvstore/memory : object

Read/write, non-persistent in-memory storage.

JSON specification of the key-value store.

  • KvStore — Key-value store specification.

Required members:
driver : "memory"
Optional members:
path : string

Key prefix within the key-value store.

If the prefix is intended to correspond to a Unix-style directory path, it should end with "/".

context : Context

Specifies context resources that augment/override the parent context.

memory_key_value_store : ContextResource

Specifies or references a previously defined Context.memory_key_value_store.

atomic : boolean = true

Support atomic multi-key transactions. If set to false, the transaction behavior matches that of the kvstore/file and kvstore/gcs drivers, which may be useful for testing purposes.

json Context.memory_key_value_store : object

Represents the in-memory key-value store. If multiple kvstore/memory specifications reference the same Context.memory_key_value_store, they all refer to the same in-memory set of key/value pairs.

json KvStoreUrl/memory : string

memory:// KvStore URL scheme

In-memory key-value stores may be specified using the custom memory://path URL syntax.


URL representation

JSON representation


{"driver": "memory"}


{"driver": "memory", "path": "path/to/dataset"}

  • KvStoreUrl — URL representation of a key-value store.