class tensorstore.IndexDomain

Specifies bounds and dimension labels of an N-dimensional index space.

Logically, an IndexDomain is the cartesian product of a sequence of Dim objects.


__init__(self, rank, inclusive_min, …)

__init__(self, dimensions)


exclusive_max: numpy.ndarray

Exclusive upper bound of the domain.

implicit_lower_bounds: numpy.ndarray

Implicit lower bounds

implicit_upper_bounds: numpy.ndarray

Implicit upper bounds

inclusive_max: numpy.ndarray

Inclusive upper bound of the domain.

inclusive_min: numpy.ndarray

Inclusive lower bound of the domain.

labels: tuple

Dimension labels

ndim: int

Alias for rank.

origin: numpy.ndarray

Inclusive lower bound of the domain.

rank: int

Number of dimensions in the index space.

shape: numpy.ndarray

Shape of the domain.

size: int

Total number of elements in the domain.