class tensorstore.WriteFutures

Handle for consuming the result of an asynchronous write operation.

This holds two futures:

  • The copy future indicates when reading has completed, after which the source is no longer accessed.

  • The commit future indicates when the write is guaranteed to be reflected in subsequent reads. For non-transactional writes, the commit future completes successfully only once durability of the write is guaranteed (subject to the limitations of the underlying storage mechanism). For transactional writes, the commit future merely indicates when the write is reflected in subsequent reads using the same transaction. Durability is not guaranteed until the transaction itself is committed successfully.

In addition, this class also provides the same interface as Future, which simply forwards to the corresponding operation on the commit future.

Public members

result(timeout: float | None = None, ...) object
exception(timeout: float | None = None, ...) object
done() bool
add_done_callback(callback: Callable[[Future], None]) None
remove_done_callback(callback: Callable[[Future], None]) int
cancel() bool
cancelled() bool
copy : Future[None]
commit : Future[None]