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Zooshi can be downloaded from GitHub or the GitHub Releases page.

git clone --recursive https://github.com/google/zooshi.git


Zooshi utilizes the following subsystems:

Source Layout

The following table describes the directory structure of the game:

Path Description
zooshi base directory Project build files and run script.
assets Assets loaded by the game.
jni Top-level Android NDK makefile.
jni/libs/gpg Android NDK makefile for Play Games Services.
jni/libs/src Android NDK makefile for the game.
res Android specific resource files.
scripts Asset build makefiles.
src Game's source.
src/components Source for the CORGI game Components.
src/flatbufferschemas Game schemas for FlatBuffers data.
src/inputcontrollers Source for handling game input.
src/modules Source for Breadboard game modules.
src/rawassets JSON FlatBuffers used as game data.
src/states Source for the game's state machine.
src_java/com/google/fpl/zooshi/Zooshi fplbase derived Android activity (entry point).