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Zooshi is a game in which players travel on a raft down an endless river and toss sushi into the mouths of well-dressed animal patrons.


Zooshi serves as a demonstration of how to build cross-platform games using a suite of open source game technologies from Fun Propulsion Labs at Google such as Breadboard, CORGI, FlatBuffers, FlatUI, fplbase, fplutil, Motive, Pindrop, Scene Lab and WebP.

Zooshi also demonstrates how to use the Google Cardboard API, which is integrated into fplbase.


Zooshi can be downloaded from:

Important: Zooshi uses submodules to reference other components it depends upon, so download the source from GitHub using:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/google/zooshi.git


See our documentation for how to Build and Run Zooshi and for a Programmer's Guide that details the overall structure of the game and all of it's subsystems.

To contribute the this project see CONTRIBUTING.

For applications on Google Play that are derived from this application, usage is tracked. This tracking is done automatically using the embedded version string (kVersion), and helps us continue to optimize it. Aside from consuming a few extra bytes in your application binary, it shouldn't affect your application at all. We use this information to let us know if Zooshi is useful and if we should continue to invest in it. Since this is open source, you are free to remove the version string but we would appreciate if you would leave it in.