Contributing to the Project

Please? :)


Though the project is run by Googlers all development is done out in the open and we happily accept patches. Things are moving pretty fast so if you're interested in implementing something please open an issue first to let us know about it!

All code checked in to the project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license (aka 'New BSD License'). Third party code included in the repository remains under the license specified by that code.

For more information on contributing, including links to the style guide and test information, see the CONTRIBUTING file in the repository.

So many ideas, so little time...

The goal of the project is to provide deep, meaningful information about complex web applications. To that end, we will continue to evolve it to gather more information and display it in interesting, insightful ways.

Adding new event providers is a good, bite-sized task that can provide a lot of benefit to all developers using them. It'd be great to have rich providers for Web Audio, the File and FileSystem APIs, Web Sockets, etc.

As this is a Google project, you must first e-sign the Google Contributor License Agreement before we can accept any code. It takes only a second and basically just says you won't sue us or claim copyright of your submitted code. You only need to do this once for any Google project.