Web Tracing Framework

Rich tools for instrumenting, analyzing, and visualizing web apps.
Make your app jank-free at 60fps!

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Advanced Tracing for Advanced Apps.

Rich Tracing

Choose what methods to trace and add custom data to each event. Track asynchronous flows and actions.

Slick Visualization

Smoothly dig through millions of events in an awesome UI. See patterns and understand your code like never before.

Extensible Framework

Write extensions to capture more data or visualize it in new ways. Write small node.js scripts to process traces and pull out useful data.

Canvas & WebGL

Capture and replay HTML5 <canvas> and WebGL content. Write tools to analyze and test your drawing.

Track Memory Usage

Find every byte allocated by every function via heap tracking. See not just the what but when and who of every allocation.

Remotely Trace Android

Grab captures and analyze pages running on Chrome for Android using a simple remote controller.