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Jetpack Compose Permissions

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A library which provides Android runtime permissions support for Jetpack Compose.


The permission APIs are currently experimental and they could change at any time. All of the APIs are marked with the @ExperimentalPermissionsApi annotation.


rememberPermissionState and rememberMultiplePermissionsState APIs

The rememberPermissionState(permission: String) API allows you to request a certain permission to the user and check for the status of the permission. rememberMultiplePermissionsState(permissions: List<String>) offers the same but for multiple permissions at the same time.

Both APIs expose properties for you to follow the workflow as described in the permissions documentation.


The call to the method that requests the permission to the user (e.g. PermissionState.launchPermissionRequest()) needs to be invoked from a non-composable scope. For example, from a side-effect or from a non-composable callback such as a Button's onClick lambda.

The following code exercises the permission request workflow.

private fun FeatureThatRequiresCameraPermission() {

    // Camera permission state
    val cameraPermissionState = rememberPermissionState(

    if (cameraPermissionState.status.isGranted) {
        Text("Camera permission Granted")
    } else {
        Column {
            val textToShow = if (cameraPermissionState.status.shouldShowRationale) {
                // If the user has denied the permission but the rationale can be shown,
                // then gently explain why the app requires this permission
                "The camera is important for this app. Please grant the permission."
            } else {
                // If it's the first time the user lands on this feature, or the user
                // doesn't want to be asked again for this permission, explain that the
                // permission is required
                "Camera permission required for this feature to be available. " +
                    "Please grant the permission"
            Button(onClick = { cameraPermissionState.launchPermissionRequest() }) {
                Text("Request permission")

For more examples, refer to the samples.


This permissions wrapper is built on top of the available Android platform APIs. We cannot extend the platform's capabilities. For example, it's not possible to differentiate between the it's the first time requesting the permission vs the user doesn't want to be asked again use cases.


Maven Central

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Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository. These are updated on every commit.