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System UI Controller for Jetpack Compose

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System UI Controller provides easy-to-use utilities for updating the System UI bar colors within Jetpack Compose.


To control the system UI in your composables, you need to get a SystemUiController instance. The library provides the rememberSystemUiController() function which returns an instance for the current system (currently only Android).

In your layouts you can update the system bar colors like so:

// Remember a SystemUiController
val systemUiController = rememberSystemUiController()
val useDarkIcons = !isSystemInDarkTheme()

DisposableEffect(systemUiController, useDarkIcons) {
    // Update all of the system bar colors to be transparent, and use
    // dark icons if we're in light theme
        color = Color.Transparent,
        darkIcons = useDarkIcons

    // setStatusBarColor() and setNavigationBarColor() also exist

    onDispose {}

System bar icon colors

The library automatically handles API level differences when running on Android devices. If we look at the example of status bar icons, Android only natively supports dark icons on API 23+. This library handles this by automatically altering the requested color with a scrim, to maintain contrast:

Similar happens on navigation bar color, which is only available on API 26+.

Modifying scrim logic

The scrim logic can be modified if needed:

    color = Color.Transparent,
    darkIcons = true
) { requestedColor ->
    // TODO: return a darkened color to be used when the system doesn't
    // natively support dark icons


For complete samples, check out the Insets samples which all use SystemUiController to set transparent system bars.


Maven Central

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Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository. These are updated on every commit.