GitHub Actions


Ideally, new platforms can be supported without requiring any changes to the ClusterFuzzLite code base. In most cases however some changes are required or desirable to make configuration work. For example, a new CI platform might call one of the configuration variables needed by ClusterFuzzLite by a different name. For example, GitHub actions refers to GIT_BASE_COMMIT as GITHUB_BASE_COMMIT. Handling configuration differences is easy in ClusterFuzzLite. Add a new module to infra/cifuzz/platform_config/ that implements a PlatformConfig class. Your PlatformConfig must:


The filestore configuration property determines which filestore implementation is used by ClusterFuzzLite. The filestore implementation, as the name suggests, is responsible for storing files that persist after ClusterFuzzLite finishes running a task. These files include:

  • Crashes
  • Corpuses
  • Builds
  • Coverage Implementing a filestore may be necessary or desirable for your platform.

Existing filestores

If your platform does not offer a way of storing files you can either reuse one of the existing filestores such as gsutil which supports Google Cloud Storage Buckets and Amazon S3 Buckets or use the no_filestore implementation. The no_filestore implementation of every filestore operation is a no-op. Using ClusterFuzzLite with no_filestore should allow you to run ClusterFuzzLite on your platform without any exceptions, but without most of the important features of ClusterFuzzLite.

Implementing a new filestore

You can refer to the filestore module for gsutil as an example for implementing your filestore. To implement a new filestore: