Download & Setup

To use tf-seq2seq you need a working installation of TensorFlow 1.0 with Python 2.7 or Python 3.5. Follow the TensorFlow Getting Started guide for detailed setup instructions. With TensorFlow installed, you can clone this repository:

git clone
cd seq2seq

# Install package and dependencies
pip install -e .

To make sure everything works as expect you can run a simple pipeline unit test:

python -m unittest seq2seq.test.pipeline_test

If you see a "OK" message, you are all set. Note that you may need to install pyrouge, pyyaml, and matplotlib, in order for these tests to pass. If you run into other setup issues, please file a Github issue.

Common Installation Issues

Incorrect matploblib backend

In order to generate plots using matplotlib you need to have set the correct backend. Also see this StackOverflow thread. To use the Agg backend, simply:

echo "backend : Agg" >> $HOME/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc

Next Steps