Access control

This page explains how you can restrict access to various parts of the ClusterFuzz web interface. This is controlled by defining the user(s) as part of one of the following groups.

Regular users

Regular users are usually the developers in your project, who triage and fix bugs. They can access most pages of the ClusterFuzz web interface, but with restricted permissions. This includes:

  • Testcases page (excluding security vulnerabilities)
  • Testcase report page (excluding security vulnerabilities)
  • Crash statistics page (excluding security vulnerabilities)
  • Crashes by range page (excluding security vulnerabilities)
  • Fuzzer statistics page
  • Upload testcase page
  • Fuzzers page (view only)
  • Corpora page (view only)
  • Bots page

They do not have access to the following pages:

  • Job page
  • Configuration page

Privileged users

Privileged users have unrestricted access to most parts of ClusterFuzz. These users can access all pages that a regular user can. However, privileged users can also:

  • Access security bugs (Security: “YES” in report).
  • Upload new fuzzers on Fuzzers page.
  • Upload new corpora on Corpora page.
  • Create new jobs on Jobs page.

Privileged users are defined by the Administrators on the Configuration page.


An administrator has access to all parts of the ClusterFuzz web interface. This includes everything a privileged user has access to, and also includes:

  • Access to the Configuration page.
    • Setting user permissions using:
      • “Privileged Users” (e.g.
      • “User permissions” section.