UI overview

This page gives a brief overview of ClusterFuzz web interface pages. We do not document every page in detail, as the interface is supposed to be intuitive and most page elements have tooltips.

Once you successfully deployed the server (either locally or in production), you should be able to access the following pages.


This is the default main page. The Testcases page provides information about the issues that were detected by fuzzers running on ClusterFuzz. The page includes various filters as well as a search functionality.

Fuzzer Statistics

The Fuzzer Statistics page provides a variety of metrics about performance of the fuzzers. For in-process fuzz targets, the page also provides performance reports and improvement recommendations, as well as links to the metadata associated with a particular fuzz target.

Crash Statistics

This page provides various statistics about the crashes that were detected by ClusterFuzz. These statistics include frequency of crashes, platforms affected, trends over time.

Upload Testcase

This page provides a convenient way to upload a single testcase to be tested with a specific target. The most common use case for this is to test a bug that was reported by an external researcher or found by some other system.


This page provides a way to create new or modify existing job configurations.


This is an administrative page with a variety of settings including ClusterFuzz access control, credentials, etc. This page is available to admin users only.