Exposure Notification Reference Key Server

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Getting Started

    How to Deploy
    Application Configuration
    How to Publish Keys
    How to Download Keys
    Key Server Migration Guide
    Estimating the Cost of Deployment


    Server Deployment Options
    Server Functional Requirements
    Verification Protocol Design
    API Definitions

Exposure Notification Reference Key Server

COVID‑19 Exposure Notifications API

In our continued effort to help governments and health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have authored an open source reference implementation of an Exposure Notification Key Server.

The server reference in this repository implements the Exposure Notifications API and provides reference code for working with Android and iOS apps that are built by public health authorities. The reference server source code is available on GitHub and can be deployed on any infrastructure or cloud provider selected by a public health authority.

Our hope is by making this privacy-preserving server implementation available to health authorities, we can enable their developers to use the open source code to get started quickly.


The Exposure Notification Key Server is responsible for the following functions:

Tutorials and reference documentation

You can read tutorials on deploying and using the reference Exposure Notification Key Server here:

Issues and Questions

You can open a GitHub Issue. Or reach out privately by emailing exposure-notifications-feedback@google.com. Please include as much detail as you can to help in addressing your concern.

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