Package-level declarations


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fun AuthErrorScreen(modifier: Modifier = Modifier)

A catch all error screen to be displayed to users when an error occurred during authentication and no additional context can be given.

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fun CheckYourPhoneScreen(modifier: Modifier = Modifier, message: String? = null)

A screen to request the user to check their paired phone to proceed. It also allows a message to be displayed.

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fun SelectAccountScreen(accounts: List<AccountUiModel>, onAccountClicked: (index: Int, account: AccountUiModel) -> Unit, modifier: Modifier = Modifier, columnState: ScalingLazyColumnState = rememberResponsiveColumnState(), title: String = stringResource(id = R.string.horologist_select_account_title), defaultAvatar: Paintable? = Icons.Default.AccountCircle.asPaintable())

A screen to display a list of available accounts and to allow the user select one of them.

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fun SignInPlaceholderScreen(modifier: Modifier = Modifier, message: String = stringResource(id = R.string.horologist_signin_placeholder_message))

A screen to represent a signing-in process state.