class tensorstore.Spec

Specification for opening or creating a TensorStore.


__init__(self, json, allow_unregistered)

Construct from JSON representation.

to_json(self, include_defaults, include_context)


T: tensorstore.Spec

View with transposed domain (reversed dimension order).

domain: Optional[tensorstore.IndexDomain]

Returns the domain, or None if no transform has been specified.

dtype: Optional[tensorstore.dtype]

ndim: Optional[int]

Alias for rank.

oindex: tensorstore.Spec._Oindex

origin: numpy.ndarray

Inclusive lower bound of the domain.

rank: Optional[int]

Returns the rank, or None if no transform has been specified.

shape: numpy.ndarray

Shape of the domain.

size: int

Total number of elements in the domain.

transform: Optional[tensorstore.IndexTransform]

The IndexTransform, or None.

vindex: tensorstore.Spec._Vindex