class tensorstore.TensorStore


astype(self, dtype)

Returns a read/write view as the specified data type.

read(self, order)

resolve(self, fix_resizable_bounds)


with_transaction(self, arg0)

Returns a transaction-bound view of this TensorStore.

write(self, source)

write(self, source)


T: tensorstore.TensorStore

View with transposed domain (reversed dimension order).

domain: tensorstore.IndexDomain

dtype: tensorstore.dtype

mode: str

ndim: int

Alias for rank.

oindex: tensorstore.TensorStore._Oindex

origin: numpy.ndarray

Inclusive lower bound of the domain.

rank: int

Number of dimensions in the domain.

readable: bool

shape: numpy.ndarray

Shape of the domain.

size: int

Total number of elements in the domain.

transaction: tensorstore.Transaction

Associated transaction used for read/write operations.

vindex: tensorstore.TensorStore._Vindex

writable: bool