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Horologist is a group of libraries that aim to supplement Wear OS developers with features that are commonly required by developers but not yet available.

Maintained Versions

The currently maintained branches of Horologist are.

Version Branch Min SDK (Wear) Description
0.5.x release-0.5.x 25 Wear Compose 1.3.x, Compose 1.6.x, Media3 and some betas of Androidx.
0.6.x main 26 Wear Compose 1.4.x, Compose 1.7.x and generally latest relevant alphas of Androidx.

Maintenance branches will not delete existing APIs and they should remain stable. However the main branch will actively update to incorporate new API guidance, removing or changing APIs.

🎵 Media

Horologist provides the Media Toolkit: a set of libraries to build Media apps on Wear OS and a sample app that you can run to see the toolkit in action.

The toolkit includes:

  • horologist-media-ui: common media UI components and screens like PlayerScreen.
  • horologist-media: domain model for Media related functionality. Provides an abstraction to the UI module (horologist-media-ui) that is agnostic to the Player implementation.
  • horologist-media-data: implementation of the domain module (horologist-media) using Media3.
  • horologist-media3-backend: Player on top of Media3 including functionalities such as avoiding playing music on the watch speaker.
  • media sample: sample app to listen to downloaded music.
Player Screen Browse Screen Entity Screen

📅 Composables

High quality prebuilt composables, such as Time and Date pickers.

DatePicker TimePickerWith12HourClock TimePicker
SegmentedProgressIndicator SquareSegmentedProgressIndicator

📐 Compose Layout

Layout related functionality such as a Navigation Aware Scaffold.


🔲 Compose Material

Opinionated implementation of the components of the Wear Material Compose library , based on the specifications of Wear Material Design Kit .

🔊 Audio and UI

Domain model for Audio related functionality. Volume Control, Output switching. Subscribing to a Flow of changes in audio or output.


🔐 Auth

Libraries to help developers to build apps following the Sign-In guidelines for Wear OS .


The Horologist DataLayer library, provide common abstractions on top of the Wearable DataLayer. It includes libraries to build prompts on the phone to improve engagement with the correspondent Wear app and a sample to see the prompts in actions. Find guidance in the project documentation.

☰ Tiles

Kotlin coroutines flavoured TileService.


Why the name?

The name mirrors the Accompanist name, and is also Watch related.

horologist (Noun) Someone who makes or repairs timepieces, watches or clocks.


Please contribute! We will gladly review any pull requests submitted. Make sure to read the Contributing page to know what our expectations of contributions are.


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