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Updating & releasing Horologist

This doc is mostly for maintainers.

Ensure your Sonatype JIRA credentials are set in your environment variables.

export ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_mavenCentralUsername=username
export ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_mavenCentralPassword=password

Decrypt the signing key to release a public build.

release/ '<Horologist AES key>'
gradlew clean publish --no-parallel --stacktrace

The deployment then needs to be manually released via the Nexus Repository Manager. See Releasing Deployment from OSSRH.

Snapshot release

For a snapshot release, the signing key is not used. Ensure VERSION_NAME in has the -SNAPSHOT suffix or specify the version via -PVERSION_NAME=....

gradlew -PVERSION_NAME=0.0.1-SNAPSHOT clean publish --no-parallel --stacktrace