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Auth libraries


The purpose of the auth libraries is to:

The following libraries are provided:

  • auth-composables: composable screens for Authentication use cases, with no dependency on the auth-data library.
  • auth-ui: composable screens for Authentication use cases, with integration with the auth-data library.
  • auth-data: implementation for Wear apps for most of the authentication methods listed in the Authentication on wearables guide.
  • auth-data-phone: implementation for Mobile apps for some of the authentication methods provided by the auth-data library.

The following sample apps are also provided:

Architecture overview

The auth libraries are separated by layers (UI and data), following the recommended app architecture. The reason for including an extra UI library (auth-composables) is to provide flexibility to projects that would like to only use the UI components that are not dependent on auth-data.

Getting started

The usage of the auth libraries will vary according to the requirements of your project.

As per architecture overview, your project might not need to add all the auth libraries as dependency. If that’s the case, refer to the documentation of each library required to your project for a guide on how to get started.