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Compose Material

A library providing opinionated implementation of the components of the Wear Material Compose library, based on the specifications of Wear Material Design Kit.


In order to display a Chip component in a Wear OS app, using Wear Material Compose library, the code would look like this:

    label = { Text("Primary label") },
    onClick = { },
    secondaryLabel = { Text("Secondary label") },
    icon = { Icon(imageVector = Icons.Default.Image, contentDescription = null) }

In comparison, using Horologist's Compose Material library, the code would look simpler:

    label = "Primary label",
    onClick = { },
    secondaryLabel = "Secondary label",
    icon = Icons.Default.Image

As seen above, Horologist's Compose Material provides convenient ways of passing parameters to the components. Furthermore, for this particular component, it will also take care of:

  • Define the maximum number of lines for each label, truncating them appropriately, even when the user has changed the font size in the OS settings;
  • Change the text alignment and maximum number of lines of the primary label when the secondary label is not present;
  • Adjust the content padding based on the icon size;

The list is not exhaustive and it varies for each individual component.

When this library should not be used?

If the specifications for the component needed in your app does not match the specifications of the components listed in Wear Material Design Kit, then Wear Material Compose library should be used instead.