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Media UI library

This library contains a set of composables for media player apps:

Individual controls like Play, Pause and Seek buttons; Components that might combine multiple controls, like PlayPauseButton and MediaControlButtons; Screens, like PlayerScreen, BrowseScreen and EntityScreen.

The previews of the composables can be found in the debug folder of the module source code.

This library is not dependent on any specific player implementation as per architecture overview.

Stateful components

Most of the components available in this library contain an overloaded version of themselves which accept either a UI model (MediaUiModel, PlaylistUiModel) or PlayerUiState or PlayerViewModel as parameters. We call those versions “stateful components”, which is a different definition from the compose documentation .

While the stateless components provide full customization, the stateful components provide convenience (if the default implementation suits your project requirements), as can be seen in the example below.

Stateless PodcastControlButtons usage:

    onPlayButtonClick = { },
    onPauseButtonClick = { },
    playPauseButtonEnabled = true,
    playing = false,
    percent = 0f,
    onSeekBackButtonClick = { },
    seekBackButtonEnabled = true,
    onSeekForwardButtonClick = { },
    seekForwardButtonEnabled = true,

Stateful PodcastControlButtons usage:

    playerViewModel = viewModel,
    playerUiState = playerUiState,

Further examples on how to use these components can be found in the Stateful PlayerScreen guide.