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The Console app is an interactive text user interface that offers a number of functions, including:

  • scanning
  • advertising
  • connecting to and disconnecting from devices
  • changing connection parameters
  • enabling encryption
  • discovering GATT services and characteristics
  • reading and writing GATT characteristics
  • subscribing to and unsubscribing from GATT characteristics

The console user interface has 3 main panes:

  • a display pane, that displays information, depending on a user-selected mode. The show command can be used to switch what is displayed in this pane
  • a command history pane that shows a short history of the last commands and their results
  • a command pane, with tab completion, where you can enter commands

In addition to the display panes, the console has a status bar, showing the scanning state and the connection state.

Running the console app

python <transport-spec>


python usb:0