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This tool acts as a simple bridge between two HCI transports, with a host on one side and a controller on the other. All the HCI packets bridged between the two are printed on the console for logging. This bridge also has the ability to short-circuit some HCI packets (respond to them with a fixed response instead of bridging them to the other side), which may be useful when used with a host that send custom HCI commands that the controller may not understand.

Running the HCI bridge tool

python <host-transport-spec> <controller-transport-spec> [command-short-circuit-list]

UDP to Serial

python udp:, serial:/dev/tty.usbmodem0006839912171,1000000 0x3f:0x0070,0x3f:0x0074,0x3f:0x0077,0x3f:0x0078

PTY to Link Relay

python serial:emulated_uart_pty,1000000 link-relay:ws://

In this example, an emulator that exposes a PTY as an interface to its HCI UART is running as a Bluetooth host, and we are connecting it to a virtual controller attached to a link relay (through which the communication with other virtual controllers will be mediated).

NOTE: this assumes you're running a Link Relay on port 10723.