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When you don't want to install Bumble in your main/default python environment, using a virtual environment, where the package and its dependencies can be installed, isolated from the rest, may be useful.

There are many flavors of python environments and dependency managers. This page describes a few of the most common ones.


venv is a standard module that is included with python. Visit the venv documentation page for details.


pyenv lets you easily switch between multiple versions of Python. It's simple, unobtrusive, and follows the UNIX tradition of single-purpose tools that do one thing well. Visit the pyenv site for instructions on how to install and use pyenv


Conda is a convenient package manager and virtual environment. The file environment.yml is a Conda environment file that you can use to create a new Conda environment. Once created, you can simply activate this environment when working with Bumble. Visit the Conda site for instructions on how to install and use Conda. A few useful commands:

Create a new bumble Conda environment

$ conda env create -f environment.yml
This will create a new environment, named bumble, which you can then activate with:
$ conda activate bumble

Update an existing bumble environment

$ conda env update -f environment.yml