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This tool lists all the USB devices, with details about each device. For each device, the different possible Bumble transport strings that can refer to it are listed. If the device is known to be a Bluetooth HCI device, its identifier is printed in reverse colors, and the transport names in cyan color. For other devices, regardless of their type, the transport names are printed in red. Whether that device is actually a Bluetooth device or not depends on whether it is a Bluetooth device that uses a non-standard Class, or some other type of device (there's no way to tell).


This command line tool may be invoked with no arguments, or with --verbose for extra details. When installed from PyPI, run as

$ bumble-usb-probe

or, for extra details, with the --verbose argument

$ bumble-usb-probe --v

When running from the source distribution:

$ python3 apps/


$ python3 apps/ --verbose


$ python3 apps/

ID 0A12:0001
Bumble Transport Names: usb:0 or usb:0A12:0001
Bus/Device:             020/034
Class:                  Wireless Controller
Subclass/Protocol:      1/1 [Bluetooth]
Manufacturer:           None
Product:                USB2.0-BT