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Included in the project are a few apps and tools, built on top of the core libraries. These include:

  • Console - an interactive text-based console
  • Bench - Speed and Latency benchmarking between two devices (LE and Classic)
  • Pair - Pair/bond two devices (LE and Classic)
  • Unbond - Remove a previously established bond
  • HCI Bridge - a HCI transport bridge to connect two HCI transports and filter/snoop the HCI packets
  • Golden Gate Bridge - a bridge between GATT and UDP to use with the Golden Gate "stack tool"
  • Show - Parse a file with HCI packets and print the details of each packet in a human readable form
  • Speaker - Virtual Bluetooth speaker, with a command line and browser-based UI.
  • Link Relay - WebSocket relay for virtual RemoteLink instances to communicate with each other.