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This driver supports loading firmware images and optional config data to USB dongles with a Realtek chipset. A number of USB dongles are supported, but likely not all. When using a USB dongle, the USB product ID and manufacturer ID are used to find whether a matching set of firmware image and config data is needed for that specific model. If a match exists, the driver will try load the firmware image and, if needed, config data. The driver will look for those files by name, in order, in:

  • The directory specified by the environment variable BUMBLE_RTK_FIRMWARE_DIR if set.
  • The directory <package-dir>/drivers/rtk_fw where <package-dir> is the directory where the bumble package is installed.
  • The current directory.

Obtaining Firmware Images and Config Data

Firmware images and config data may be obtained from a variety of online sources. To facilitate finding a downloading the, the utility program bumble-rtk-fw-download may be used.

Usage: bumble-rtk-fw-download [OPTIONS]

  Download RTK firmware images and configs.

  --output-dir TEXT               Output directory where the files will be
                                  saved  [default: .]
  --source [linux-kernel|realtek-opensource|linux-from-scratch]
                                  [default: linux-kernel]
  --single TEXT                   Only download a single image set, by its
                                  base name
  --force                         Overwrite files if they already exist
  --parse                         Parse the FW image after saving
  --help                          Show this message and exit.


The bumble-rtk-util utility may be used to interact with a Realtek USB dongle and/or firmware images.

Usage: bumble-rtk-util [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  drop   Drop a firmware image from the USB dongle.
  info   Get the firmware info from a USB dongle.
  load   Load a firmware image into the USB dongle.
  parse  Parse a firmware image.