Class goog.Uri

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This class contains setters and getters for the parts of the URI. The getXyz/setXyz methods return the decoded part -- sogoog.Uri.parse('/foo%20bar').getPath() will return the decoded path, /foo bar.

Reserved characters (see RFC 3986 section 2.2) can be present in their percent-encoded form in scheme, domain, and path URI components and will not be auto-decoded. For example: goog.Uri.parse('rel%61tive/path%2fto/resource').getPath() will return relative/path%2fto/resource.

The constructor accepts an optional unparsed, raw URI string. The parser is relaxed, so special characters that aren't escaped but don't cause ambiguities will not cause parse failures.

All setters return this and so may be chained, a la goog.Uri.parse('/foo').setFragment('part').toString().

new Uri( opt_uri, opt_ignoreCase )


Optional string URI to parse (use goog.Uri.create() to create a URI from parts), or if a goog.Uri is passed, a clone is created.


If true, #getParameterValue will ignore the case of the parameter name.

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