Class goog.ui.Zippy

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Zippy widget. Expandable/collapsible container, clicking the header toggles the visibility of the content.

new Zippy( header, opt_content, opt_expanded, opt_expandedHeader, opt_domHelper )


Header element, either element reference, string id or null if no header exists.

opt_content(Element|string|function(): (Element|null)|null|undefined)

Content element (if any), either element reference or string id. If skipped, the caller should handle the TOGGLE event in its own way. If a function is passed, then if will be called to create the content element the first time the zippy is expanded.


Initial expanded/visibility state. If undefined, attempts to infer the state from the DOM. Setting visibility using one of the standard Soy templates guarantees correct inference.


Element to use as the header when the zippy is expanded.


An optional DOM helper.

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