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XLS Talks

  • 2024-03-11: XLS @ UCSC Agile HW Design (CSE228A Winter 2024)

    In this talk we:

    • Create some XLS-generated hardware & tests interactively in a colab environment! All of XLS is Apache2 Licensed OSS!
    • Cover from basic to more advanced examples using our Rust-inspired (expression-oriented, immutable, communicating-process) dataflow DSL
    • Discuss the possibility space of ways to express and generate hardware, and where XLS falls in that space
    • Touch on how we've learned lessons from the past travails of HLS
    • And show a whole bunch of other goodies...
  • 2022-03-01: XLS @ LATTE'22: note that this is a keynote talk and so spans a bunch of projects, vs being XLS-specific.