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XLS Tutorials

The XLS team has written several tutorials to help explain language features and design techniques. Here they are, grouped by topic:


  • Hello, XLS! : A brief introduction to writing and evaluating your first design in DSLX.
  • Float-to-int conversion : A guide to writing "real" logic in DSLX, demonstrated by creating an IEEE-754 binary32, i.e., C float to int32_t converter.
  • Intro to parametrics : A demonstration on how functions and types can be parameterized to allow a single implementation to apply to many different data layouts.
  • for expressions : Explains how to understand and write looping constructs in DSLX.
  • enumerate and match expressions : Explains how to use enumerate() expressions to control loop iteration and how to use the match pattern-matching expression for selecting between alternatives.
  • Intro to procs (communicating sequential processes) : Provides a basic introduction to writing stateful and communicating modules, i.e., procs.