Generated Service API

Binder generates a trait corresponding to the interface definition. trait to talk to the service.


/** Birthday service interface. */
interface IBirthdayService {
    /** Generate a Happy Birthday message. */
    String wishHappyBirthday(String name, int years);

Generated trait:

trait IBirthdayService {
    fn wishHappyBirthday(&self, name: &str, years: i32) -> binder::Result<String>;

Your service will need to implement this trait, and your client will use this trait to talk to the service.

  • The generated bindings can be found at out/soong/.intermediates/<path to module>/.
  • Point out how the generated function signature, specifically the argument and return types, correspond the interface definition.
    • String for an argument results in a different Rust type than String as a return type.