Chromium Rust policy

Chromium does not yet allow first-party Rust except in rare cases as approved by Chromium’s Area Tech Leads.

Chromium’s policy on third party libraries is outlined here - Rust is allowed for third party libraries under various circumstances, including if they’re the best option for performance or for security.

Very few Rust libraries directly expose a C/C++ API, so that means that nearly all such libraries will require a small amount of first-party glue code.


First-party Rust glue code for a particular third-party crate should normally be kept in third_party/rust/<crate>/<version>/wrapper.

Because of this, today’s course will be heavily focused on:

  • Bringing in third-party Rust libraries (“crates”)
  • Writing glue code to be able to use those crates from Chromium C++.

If this policy changes over time, the course will evolve to keep up.