To build a bare-metal Rust binary in AOSP, you need to use a rust_ffi_static Soong rule to build your Rust code, then a cc_binary with a linker script to produce the binary itself, and then a raw_binary to convert the ELF to a raw binary ready to be run.

rust_ffi_static {
    name: "libvmbase_example",
    defaults: ["vmbase_ffi_defaults"],
    crate_name: "vmbase_example",
    srcs: ["src/"],
    rustlibs: [

cc_binary {
    name: "vmbase_example",
    defaults: ["vmbase_elf_defaults"],
    srcs: [
    static_libs: [
    linker_scripts: [

raw_binary {
    name: "vmbase_example_bin",
    stem: "vmbase_example.bin",
    src: ":vmbase_example",
    enabled: false,
    target: {
        android_arm64: {
            enabled: true,