Checking Crates into Chromium Source Code

git status should reveal:

  • Crate code in //third_party/rust/chromium_crates_io
  • Metadata ( and README.chromium) in //third_party/rust/<crate>/<version>

Please also add an OWNERS file in the latter location.

You should land all this, along with your Cargo.toml and gnrt_config.toml changes, into the Chromium repo.

Important: you need to use git add -f because otherwise .gitignore files may result in some files being skipped.

As you do so, you might find presubmit checks fail because of non-inclusive language. This is because Rust crate data tends to include names of git branches, and many projects still use non-inclusive terminology there. So you may need to run:

infra/ > infra/inclusive_language_presubmit_exempt_dirs.txt
git add -p infra/inclusive_language_presubmit_exempt_dirs.txt # add whatever changes are yours