Exercise: Health Statistics

You’re working on implementing a health-monitoring system. As part of that, you need to keep track of users’ health statistics.

You’ll start with a stubbed function in an impl block as well as a User struct definition. Your goal is to implement the stubbed out method on the User struct defined in the impl block.

Copy the code below to https://play.rust-lang.org/ and fill in the missing method:

// TODO: remove this when you're done with your implementation.
#![allow(unused_variables, dead_code)]

pub struct User {
    name: String,
    age: u32,
    height: f32,
    visit_count: usize,
    last_blood_pressure: Option<(u32, u32)>,

pub struct Measurements {
    height: f32,
    blood_pressure: (u32, u32),

pub struct HealthReport<'a> {
    patient_name: &'a str,
    visit_count: u32,
    height_change: f32,
    blood_pressure_change: Option<(i32, i32)>,

impl User {
    pub fn new(name: String, age: u32, height: f32) -> Self {
        Self { name, age, height, visit_count: 0, last_blood_pressure: None }

    pub fn visit_doctor(&mut self, measurements: Measurements) -> HealthReport {
        todo!("Update a user's statistics based on measurements from a visit to the doctor")

fn main() {
    let bob = User::new(String::from("Bob"), 32, 155.2);
    println!("I'm {} and my age is {}", bob.name, bob.age);

fn test_visit() {
    let mut bob = User::new(String::from("Bob"), 32, 155.2);
    assert_eq!(bob.visit_count, 0);
    let report =
        bob.visit_doctor(Measurements { height: 156.1, blood_pressure: (120, 80) });
    assert_eq!(report.patient_name, "Bob");
    assert_eq!(report.visit_count, 1);
    assert_eq!(report.blood_pressure_change, None);

    let report =
        bob.visit_doctor(Measurements { height: 156.1, blood_pressure: (115, 76) });

    assert_eq!(report.visit_count, 2);
    assert_eq!(report.blood_pressure_change, Some((-5, -4)));