probe-rs and cargo-embed

probe-rs is a handy toolset for embedded debugging, like OpenOCD but better integrated.

  • SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and JTAG via CMSIS-DAP, ST-Link and J-Link probes
  • GDB stub and Microsoft DAP (Debug Adapter Protocol) server
  • Cargo integration

cargo-embed is a cargo subcommand to build and flash binaries, log RTT (Real Time Transfers) output and connect GDB. It’s configured by an Embed.toml file in your project directory.

  • CMSIS-DAP is an Arm standard protocol over USB for an in-circuit debugger to access the CoreSight Debug Access Port of various Arm Cortex processors. It’s what the on-board debugger on the BBC micro:bit uses.
  • ST-Link is a range of in-circuit debuggers from ST Microelectronics, J-Link is a range from SEGGER.
  • The Debug Access Port is usually either a 5-pin JTAG interface or 2-pin Serial Wire Debug.
  • probe-rs is a library which you can integrate into your own tools if you want to.
  • The Microsoft Debug Adapter Protocol lets VSCode and other IDEs debug code running on any supported microcontroller.
  • cargo-embed is a binary built using the probe-rs library.
  • RTT (Real Time Transfers) is a mechanism to transfer data between the debug host and the target through a number of ringbuffers.