Other Rust Resources

The Rust community has created a wealth of high-quality and free resources online.

Official Documentation

The Rust project hosts many resources. These cover Rust in general:

  • The Rust Programming Language: the canonical free book about Rust. Covers the language in detail and includes a few projects for people to build.
  • Rust By Example: covers the Rust syntax via a series of examples which showcase different constructs. Sometimes includes small exercises where you are asked to expand on the code in the examples.
  • Rust Standard Library: full documentation of the standard library for Rust.
  • The Rust Reference: an incomplete book which describes the Rust grammar and memory model.

More specialized guides hosted on the official Rust site:

  • The Rustonomicon: covers unsafe Rust, including working with raw pointers and interfacing with other languages (FFI).
  • Asynchronous Programming in Rust: covers the new asynchronous programming model which was introduced after the Rust Book was written.
  • The Embedded Rust Book: an introduction to using Rust on embedded devices without an operating system.

Unofficial Learning Material

A small selection of other guides and tutorial for Rust:

Please see the Little Book of Rust Books for even more Rust books.