Add uwuify to Chromium, turning off the crate’s default features. Assume that the crate will be used in shipping Chromium, but won’t be used to handle untrustworthy input.

(In the next exercise we’ll use uwuify from Chromium, but feel free to skip ahead and do that now if you like. Or, you could create a new rust_executable target which uses uwuify).

Students will need to download lots of transitive dependencies.

The total crates needed are:

  • instant,
  • lock_api,
  • parking_lot,
  • parking_lot_core,
  • redox_syscall,
  • scopeguard,
  • smallvec, and
  • uwuify.

If students are downloading even more than that, they probably forgot to turn off the default features.

Thanks to Daniel Liu for this crate!